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Julie Delpy Signs on to Moody Street Pictures' The Legend of Lucy Keyes

Julie Delpy has agreed to play a starring role in Moody Street Pictures' psychological thriller "The Legend of Lucy Keyes." Massachusetts-based writer-director John Stimpson will direct.
Inspired by an actual well-known legend in central Massachusetts, the picture chronicles the chilling experiences of a wounded family that flees the city for a quieter life in rustic rural New England. The Cooleys move into a home where 250 years earlier the Keyes family experienced the tragic loss of their daughter who went missing in the nearby woods never to be seen or heard from again. The modern family is about to suffer a similar loss and, in the process, discover the long lost secret of what happened to little Lucy Keyes.

The film will shoot on Wachusett Mountain in Stimpson's hometown of Princeton, Massachusetts, the site of the legendary tale. Noted Stimpson, "A lot of people from this region know about the legend. There have been unusual experiences involving what people claim to be the ghost of a young girl and her mother. I used the legend and these experiences as the leaping off point for our movie. The most amazing and truly chilling aspect of the legend is that local historical records revealing the truth of what happened to little Lucy Keyes were eventually discovered. The unnerving fate of Lucy Keyes and the thought of history repeating itself result in a very suspenseful and gripping story."

The movie will be produced by Moody Street Pictures' Mark Donadio and Miriam Marcus, as well J. Todd Harris, president of production for the Los Angeles-based Intellectual Properties Worldwide (IPW). Moody Street Pictures is a Boston-based independent media company that develops & produces feature films, television and music productions. Founded by Marc Toberoff, IPW is a Los Angeles-based rights company that has acquired dozens of branded properties for film, television and stage exploitation. Executive producers will be Moody Street's John MacNeil and IPW's Toberoff. Donadio, Marcus and Harris recently produced the New Orleans-set "At Last" starring Kelly Lynch and Martin Donovan.

"Julie Delpy brings a perfect blend of beauty and pathos to the starring role of Joanne, mother of the new family that moves into the old house," noted Stimpson. "I'm thrilled to be working with an actress of her caliber." Julie Delpy recently garnered critical acclaim for her role in "Before Sunset," which she also co-wrote. The film is in negotiations with Brooke Adams and M.C. Gainey for major supporting roles, while still casting the role of Delpy's husband and their daughters.

Contact: Miriam Marcus 781 647-5626 Miriam [at] moodystreetpictures [dot] com
J. Todd Harris 310 277 2140 jtharris [at] ipwla [dot] com

Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 6, 2004